The ‘Goofy Movie’ crossover you never noticed

As underrated Disney movies go, A Goofy Movie is at the top of my list. As for underrated Disney direct-to-video sequels, An Extremely Goofy Movie is at the top of that list. An Extremely Goofy Movie picks up a few years after the first movie, long after Goofy and Max have finished their cross country road trip to see Powerline, and the younger Goof is heading off to college. Goofy decides to follow him, and hijinks ensue.

It’s OK if you haven’t watched An Extremely Goofy Movie in about 10 years. But you should change that right now, because one Reddit user has just pointed out a major Goofy Movie crossover that you’ve completely missed this whole time.

User Brett420 happened to be watching An Extremely Goofy Movie late at night, as one does, when he picked up on the fact that Bigfoot from the first movie can clearly been seen in the second. Remember Bigfoot? He kindly (because he’s not purposefully being mean or anything) traps Goofy and Max in their car and the performs a puppet show and it’s actually kinda funny when you’re 12 aaaannnnd like 25.

Anyway. As Brett420 noticed, Bigfoot comes back for the sequel. But this time he’s a completely new Bigfoot, clean shaven, and hanging with the wrong crowd at college. He’s gone through a bit of a makeover and maybe some braces, and the only place you can see notable Bigfoot hair is on his wrists. He’s changed enough that it’s not something that jumps out right away, but upon closer inspection, yup. This is totally Bigfoot.

Check out Brett420’s full post below. And yes, An Extremely Goofy Movie is on Netflix.

(Image via Disney)