Goodbye Photoshop: This unretouched swimsuit campaign is a revelation

This has been a big year for body positivity in the world of the bikinis. We loved the “Each Body is Ready” campaign that was a direct response to a “Is Your Body Beach Body Ready?” advertisement,  and we loved Upworthy’s “How to Get a Bikini Body” chart (as the site awesomely informs us, one achieves a “bikini body” by “putting a bikini on your body.”)

Our latest body positive obsession is the Swimsuits For All unretouched campaign (a brand that lives up to their name by selling suits in sizes 8-34)  featuring one of our modeling mega-loves Denise Bidot. Last year Bidot made some modeling history when she became the first plus-sized model to walk two New York Fashion Week runways for straight-sized brands. Bidot, ever the body positivity superhero, straight-up crushes it in the Swimsuits For All campaign, proving that no retouching is required if the model in question is fierce as all get out.

“I love everything about my body … the stretch marks, everything that I thought was an imperfection I now realize is everything that makes me me,” Bidot says in the campaign’s video.

Bidot spoke to Refinery 29 about the campaign’s accompanying “#NotSorry” hashtag—designed to empower everyone who wants to flaunt it in a bikini—and dropped major wisdom about body insecurity during swimsuit season.

“I think everyone has felt uncomfortable in a swimsuit in public at some point in their life,” Bidot explained. “But it’s all about acceptance and knowing that we are not all meant to look the same and that we were made exactly as we should be. Our individuality is what makes us, us.”

Bidot also had some powerful things to say about expanding the definition of beauty.

“Women need to know that beauty is not only not based on a size, it’s also not based on age, or your ethnic background,” she says. “For so long, people have believed that beauty was something you could put in a box, but we are finally breaking away from that.”


Check out the sexy as heck campaign vid below!

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