Just a few tear-worthy, unforgettable moments from the ‘Parks and Rec’ finale

Guys, the Parks and Rec finale was last night and it was SO GOOD. In a series of flash-flash-forwards brought on by the magical touch of Leslie Knope, the writers assured us that our beloved parks department is going to be just fine (except for Jean Ralphio).

Here are a few of the moments and revelations that broke our hearts, but in the best way possible. The gang is going to be ok, and knowing that is worth everything to us.

So for posterity’s sake, one last time with feeling, “treat yo’ self.” Now let’s check out some of last night’s most enduring memories. *sobs*

Ron Swanson is now in charge of the Pawnee National Park

In the future, everyone is successful and happy and we couldn’t have hoped for it to turn out any better. Ben is a congressman, Leslie works for the interior, Tom wrote a book, Donna is a philanthropist, Craig and Typhoon get married, Garry is mayor for 10 terms. But one detail in particular was just insanely touching, and that was seeing Ron turn to Leslie for advice about his next job venture. After enduring their hateship in the beginning of the season, I got a little teary-eyed hearing Ron’s confession that he does indeed consider her a friend. Beautiful wrap-up on that one!

Oh and Jean Ralphio fakes his own death and requests “Bend Over” by Lil’ John and Tyga to be played at his funeral. Long live the Saperstein twins!

April gives birth – AS A GHOUL

With “The Monster Mash” playing in the background. Obviously.

The name? Burt Snakehole Ludgate Karate Dracula Macklin Demon Jack O’Lantern Dwyer, or “Jack” for short.

What will the name of their second baby be?

The gang gets back together again (and again, and again)

In 2017, everyone reunites to repair a broken park swing and Leslie worries that this is the last time they’ll be together — everyone is moving on and up. But the audience is reassured that there won’t be a Ron vs. Leslie Throw- down Part II. In 2025, Ben organizes a surprise reunion in the parks department as they contemplate which one of them will run for governor. AND ANNE AND CHRIS ARE MOVING BACK. This group is in it for the long haul (because Anne and Leslie’s kids could get married).

So . . . is Leslie Knope the first female President?

The writers never out-right say what’s next for Our Fearless Leader, but they drop a couple of hints:

– Leslie is elected governor of Indiana (and becomes BFFs with Joe Biden).

– During a speech at Indiana University (Go, Hoosiers!), Leslie informs the crowd that she’s ready for her next big project.

– At Garry’s funeral in 2048 (don’t worry, he lived to be 100), Ben and Leslie are flanked by two Secret Service-looking gentlemen.

– Executive Producer Michael Schur told Entertainment Weekly:

I’m going to say yes. Yes, she does become president.

The closing tribute to Harris Wittels

One of the show’s writers and producers Harris Wittels, passed away at the age of 30 only a few days before the series finale. Harris had made various special appearances on the show, such as being one half of zany Animal Control duo, in addition to being a heavy presence behind-the-scenes. It was a beautiful, if terribly sad, way to end the series.

Miss you already, everyone. Thank you so much for years of love and laughter.

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