Start saying your goodbyes to Internet Explorer

You might be saying to yourself, “Internet Explorer? What’s that?” Which is precisely why Microsoft is beginning to phase it out. They’ll no longer be supporting versions 8, 9, or 10 of the Internet browser that started it all, which means if you still have one, it will no longer be getting any security updates, bug fixes, or technical support.

This is likely because most users of the Internet have made the change to browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. Even Microsoft itself has come out with the more modern Microsoft Edge. While Internet Explorer was good for updating our Myspace pages and logging into our AIM accounts, it just can’t compete with the new, high-tech Internet lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to.

This doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the nostalgic Internet users among us. Version 11 is still kicking, and will still continue to get these updates if you’re on Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.

However, this sounds like the beginning of the end. With all this new technology, it’s hard to image Internet Explorer will stick around for much longer. Soon you’ll be saying to kids, “In my day we couldn’t even open tabs” while they’re sending holographic selfies (which sound amazing, by the way) and riding hoverboards (those will never go away).

(Image via Shutterstock)