5 very good reasons to sit out cuffing season

Don’t let your social media feed pressure you into finding a temporary lover for the cold months that lie ahead. Although everyone’s buzzing and posting about it at the moment, you can totally choose to skip cuffing season. And we’re here to give you plenty of good comebacks when the inevitable well-meaning friend encourages you to keep your head in the seasonal dating game.

Despite what your friends, followers, lusty loins, and the online guide to cuffiing will have you believe, if you did not prep yourself during drafting season (we know, this is a lot to keep up with), it’s not the end of the world. You can still listen to that Taylor Swift cuffing season playlist and not participate in this temporary hook-up event that everyone does simply because they don’t want to spend the winter alone.

If finding a temporary partner just isn’t in the cards for this year, don’t stress it!

You can totally sit this cuffing season out, and here’s why.

1You want something long-term.

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There are no hard-and-fast rules that say a cuffing season hookup can’t go beyond its categorical expiration date and blossom into something serious and long-term. But that’s certainly not the expectation going into it. If you want to decrease the likelihood of getting attached to someone who’s only in it until the temps warm up, do yourself a favor: Spend this cuffing season on the sidelines.

2You’re totally cool with being alone.

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While everyone else is snuggling up (and doing ~other~ things) with their seasonal boo by the fireside, you will be perfectly okay if you spend cuffing season cuddling up with a blanket and a stiff drink.

3Your ex is the only one who wants to be cuffed by you.

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Ooh, we don’t envy your position here at all. You have to choose between:

A) Spending the coziest season all by your lonesome, or

B) Snuggling up to the warm albeit familiar body of an individual you used to shag and contemplate marrying on the regular

In the event that you don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about your ex, or you’re seriously trying to move on from them, you’re totally justified in taking yourself completely off the market during cuffing season.

4You don’t want your self-worth to be determined by your ability to cuff or be cuffed.

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In your heart of hearts, you know that your value as a human being has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to attract someone who’s interested enough in you enough to share a bed and spend time binge-watching Netflix with you while the Earth takes its sweet time getting back around to the other side of the sun. Yet, the thought of someone hooking up with you only to abandon you when the season changes honestly kind of makes you feel bad about yourself.

In this case, it’s so good to realize that some relationships are just bad for your self-esteem. Skip the tricky emotional balancing required by cuffing season and stick to the regular dating game (which is honestly confusing enough without all the seasonal specifics).

5You don’t want to accidentally fall for someone who isn’t relationship material.

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The best way to stay away from this potential source of lovesick drama is to avoid cuffing season altogether. Make your intentions clear to any dates you have during this time period, listen when people tell you they’re only looking for something temporary and guard your heart at all costs.

Skipping cuffing season might sound like a bunch of cold and lonely nights ahead of you, but we’re willing to bet it feels better than trying to reassemble a broken heart.

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