This 10-minute gag reel from “The Good Place” is the best forking thing you’ll see today

Season 1 of NBC’s glorious The Good Place was only 13 episodes long, and it was sublime. The surprise hit, created by Mike Schur (The OfficeParks & Rec, married to Regis Philbin’s daughter) has remained brilliant and kooky into Season 2. The wait between new episodes of The Good Place Season 2 can feel agonizing, but this 10-minute gag reel from The Good Place Season 1 is the next best thing.

In the reel, hosted by The Bad Place’s own Trevor (Adam Scott), actors make each other laugh, fork up their lines, and break into spontaneous dance routines.

This happens for a full 10 minutes, and the highlight here is undeniably Manny Jacinto. The previously unknown actor plays The Good Place‘s cheerful dope Jason Mendoza, and he’s so good at it, it’s hard to remember that Jason isn’t a real person. The way Jacinto delivers each punchline is so uniquely Jason Mendoza. At the same time, though, he’s so believable. Any one of Jason’s terrible Florida license plate ideas could be real, as long as it’s being happily suggested by Jacinto.

Additionally, it’s so great to see the elegant Jameela Jamil lose points for being British, and watch a veteran like Ted Danson fork up a take because a crew member fell asleep.

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It’s unusual for a scripted comedy series to be both supernaturally funny and bizarrely unpredictable, particularly when it’s set in the afterlife. Most of the series’ characters are either deceased humans, or otherworldly beings that assumed a human form to be a more comforting presence to humans. It’s not your average NBC primetime sitcom.

That’s the genius of Mike Schur. You know. Mike Schur! The guy who played Dwight’s cousin Mose on The Office.

Fair warning: While you might not be able to swear in The Good Place, these actors were definitely able to let some four-letter words fly on set. If you’re going to watch this at work, headphones are definitely recommended. Don’t risk losing any points! It could mean spending an eternity with a Trevor talking about how excited he is to pass his dinner later on.

Though, if IRL Trevor looks anything like Adam Scott, it might not be such a bad deal.

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