Good news, “Stranger Things” Season 2 will end on a cliffhanger

All of us Stranger Things are probably getting pretty excited for the forthcoming Season 2 of the Netflix show. But Gaten Matarazzo (aka Dustin) might be even more psyched than we are. In a new interview, our favorite chocolate pudding-loving friend revealed that Season 2 of Stranger Things will end on a cliffhanger. And we’re pretty stoked to see what that means for the future of the show.

Are you still having nightmares about the Upside Down?! Well Season 2 of Stranger Things will likely have some answers to your burning questions. But that doesn’t mean all of the loose ends will be tied up at the end of Season 2! In a recent video, Dustin himself Gaten Matarazzo said the upcoming season  *also* ends on a cliffhanger:

“There are some new stories coming in that you’re gonna want to hear about if there is a Season 3. Also, we got another cliffhanger in there for ya, so that’s gonna be exciting. 

While we’re obviously on board for Season 3, it hasn’t actually been confirmed yet. So we’re hoping this cliffhanger means we will be getting more from the Hawkins Middle School AV Club. Gaten confirms that the audience will find “a good amount of explanation that they’ve been looking for” in Season 2 — which means that we’ll find out what happened to Eleven at the end of Season 1, right?!

Here’s hoping. You can sit down for your next battle against the Demogorgon when Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on October 31st (yes, just in time for your Halloween party!!).

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