Good Morning, Robin Roberts!

Eeeeee! You guys. What an amazing week for Queens so far! And OMG, it’s only Tuesday. Which seriously just dawned on me, as I’ve been holed up in a hell called Jury Duty. Seconds are like hours in that alternate universe, and I’m for sure getting my flu shot after falling asleep, open-mouthed, in a “study station.” Gross.

Anyways, after Miss New York tap-danced her way into America’s hearts, the ladies straight-up killed it at the Golden Globes. Tina, Amy, Jodie, Lena (among, SO many others): You guys give me pains of blissful love and fierce, fierce hate-jealousy. I’ll get over the hate part real quick though, I swear. But only if you promise I can be like you guys when I grow up. Pleasethanks.

And then there’s the crazy-positive, unbelievably brave Robin Roberts, who announced yesterday that she’ll be tentatively returning to Good Morning America in a few short weeks, after taking medical leave last fall due to a rare blood disorder.

Through her struggle with M.D.S. (which is a rare and scary blood-related condition that affects your bone marrow), Roberts has shared her experience, good and bad, every step of the way. And I’ll be honest, I don’t watch GMA. I rarely see daylight before 9am and I didn’t know who Robin was until she went public with her illness. But if she can wake up at 4am and at least try to get back to work this soon after treatment, I can sure as shit get up an hour earlier and drag my ass to the gym. Or  at least to make breakfast and drink coffee and watch this awe-inspiring woman continue to live her dream as long as her body will let her.

AND she’s got jokes.

Welcome back, Robin!

Featured Image via ABC