“Good Girls Revolt” might really be coming back for Season 2 — and with a great new twist

A year after its sudden cancelation, it appears Good Girls Revolt may be getting a second shot at life, as Sony is reportedly shopping around a second season.

The series, which followed a fictional account of the first workplace gender discrimination lawsuit in the United States, made headlines last year after the series was abruptly canceled a month after its release by then-Amazon Studios head, Roy Price. But in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal — one that Price himself became embroiled in, as he resigned in disgrace after it was revealed he had sexually harassed a producer on The Man in High Castle —  Good Girls Revolt was thrust back into the spotlight due to its depiction of sexual harassment in the workplace.

After Price’s ousting from Amazon, Good Girls Revolt fans and cast members began a widely publicized campaign for the series to be resurrected, and now it seems that Sony and series creator Dana Calvo are preparing a new pitch for season two.

According to Deadline, the campaign has sparked the interest of numerous TV outlets, including Amazon, with Calvo and the rest of the original production team coming together to work on the season two pitch. But the season two pitch comes with a huge twist.

It seems season two wouldn’t necessarily be a formal Season 2 picking up where the Amazon series left off, but instead it would feature the same story and characters personally tailored towards whichever network picks the series up.

Whether that means an entire series reset or simple modifications to the already aired story is unknown but we’re definitely intrigued. The story could also potentially have to be adapted due to the availability of the series ensemble cast. As Good Girls Revolt was canceled just under a year ago, the studio no longer has deals with the cast in place but as the majority of the cast has been actively supporting the renewal, it would seem that the entire cast, save a few, would be back.

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