Why you NEED to be watching “Good Girls Revolt” on Amazon right now

If you haven’t heard already, Amazon has a new drama TV series that is all about girl power. Good Girls Revolt debuted on Amazon, and it is totally worth your binge watch. The show follows women who work as researchers at a (fictional) news magazine, News of the Week. The women, many of whom want to be reporters, decide to stand up to the sexism in their workplace, and it is totally inspirational. The show stars Pitch Perfect‘s Anna Camp, as well as Genevieve Angelson, Erin Darke, and Joy Bryant. You should definitely be watching for these very important reasons.

1. Because Genevieve Angelson will be your new girl crush.

She is so sweet and perfect as the driven, hippie Patti, who is one of the stars of the show. She’s crazy cool, but also sweet, and we can’t get enough of her.

2. Because the fashion is on point.

It’s hard to argue with great ’60s fashion. Each of the characters have their own unique look, from Patti’s boho chic to Jane’s (Anna Camp) tailored suits.

3. Because it’s all about girl power, and who loves seeing that?

At News of the Week, men and women work together, but while the men can work as reporters and have their names in the byline, the magazine will only let women be researchers. Patti, Jane, Cindi, and the other ladies in the show are brilliant at uncovering stories and getting in touch with sources, but they’ve hit the glass ceiling. The show is about how they’re determined to break through.

4. Because the wage gap is still a really important issue.

We wish it weren’t true, but a lot of the scenes in the show still ring a little too real to today’s world. But it’s empowering watching these awesome ladies stand up for themselves. It will definitely make you feel like you can conquer anything.

5. Because Good Girls Revolt shows women supporting each other, and we need to see more of that.

The ladies of News of the Week have to work together and support each other. So few shows have enough women in them to show plot lines like this, so we’re excited to see a show that celebrates the power of a squad together.

6. And finally, because we want more shows like this on the air, and we all have to watch to make that happen.

We’ve got to support TV about awesome ladies, so we keep getting more of it.

Doesn’t all of that sound like great reasons to watch?

Yeah, we should all totally dig Good Girls Revolt!

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