“The Good Fight” looks like the strong female drama we all need in our lives

Now that the new year is underway, we’re going to be getting some really exciting new TV shows and we can’t bloomin’ wait. One such show is the The Good Wife spinoff, The Good Fight, and now there’s a new trailer for the show and it’s filled with badass women killing it.

We were devastated to learn that The Good Wife had been cancelled last year. Luckily, however, it wasn’t long until the show’s creators, Robert and Michelle King, announced that there was going to be a spinoff of the show focused on Diane Lockhart, played by the legendary Christine Baranski. Then we got our first look at the show last year and it’s safe to say that our excitement levels were HIGH.

Well, now there’s a brand new trailer for The Good Fight and it reveals even more about the show (not to mention it’s pretty steamy, too).

The trailer sees Diane Lockhart announce that she’s retiring. It then becomes apparent that she’s lost everything, including her retirement fund, in a ponzi scheme. When she learns that she can’t return to her former position at Lockhart & Lee, however, she joins a new law firm along with her goddaughter Maia, played by Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie,that happens to be the home of Luca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), Alicia Florrick’s former friend and partner.

The clip also looks SERIOSULY dramatic. Picking up a year after the end of The Good Wife, we see that Diane is currently estranged from her husband, the Republican ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole).

"It seems she's estranged from her husband for reasons of infidelity, but she's at the top of her game," Baranski said during the 2017 TCA Winter Press Tour. "There was a discussion about the interim, which I'm sure people will be curious about because The Good Fight jumps off from where The Good Wife left off in a great way."

What’s more, it seems that given the fact that The Good Fight will air on CBS’s online platform, All Access, the show isn’t limited by the usual broadcast standards. In fact, the show’s creators revealed that they even filmed a scene where Baranski’s character dropped the f-bomb.

"Oh yeah, Diane is going to swear, Robert King told TVLine. "There is nothing quite like hearing Christine Baranski swear.

The showrunner also opened up about how the show will still remain political, despite the different climate. While they claimed that the show wasn’t going to be “anti-Trump,” King said that it would look “at how liberals are reacting” to the new president-elect.

He did say, however, that Trump’s election will impact the show, and that certain parts of the series were re-written to reflect some political changes.

"The interesting thing is you have an interesting character who is in a moral, practical freefall in the same way that the country is right now," Baranaski said

The first episode of The Good Fight will air on CBS on February 19th, with all subsequent episodes streaming weekly and exclusively on CBS All Access.

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