‘Gone Purrl’ is the ‘Gone Girl’ kitten purrody we have all been waiting for

Gone Girl, the psychological thriller about marriage gone awry, has a whole new spin. And that spin involves furry little balls of cuteness, thanks to The Pet Collective. [Spoiler warning! If you haven’t read or seen Gone Girl, you might not want to watch this video!]

In this furry feline parody, we get to experience Amy and Nick Dunne’s relationship in an entirely new light. “They said furage would be hard, but I didn’t think it would be true,” the Amy Dunne kitten narrates into her diary, while the television blares harsh accusations against poor Nick Dunne: “The hallmark of a sociocat is a lack of empathy! Cats aren’t nice, they don’t smile like dogs!”

Did the kitten version of Nick Dunne really let his wife out the front door? Did he really cheat on her with a bottle cap? (GASP.) You’ll just have to find out. . .