What the ‘Gone Girl’ sequel might look like, according to Gillian Flynn

If you were one of those who flipped to the last page of Gone Girl, looked up, and said, aghast, “Wait, that’s IT? You mean it doesn’t go on for a million more awesome pages?” then solidarity, sister — you’re not alone. I, too, missed Nick Dunne and Amazing Amy long after I had closed the cover. And all I could do with my Gone Girl fever was read everything else Gillian Flynn had ever written and wait for the movie to come out, and then I didn’t even know WHAT to do with my Gone Girl-loving self.

Charlize Theron — who is a card-carrying member of the Flynn Fangirl Club and is starring in the film adaptation of another of the author’s twisty novels, Dark Places, which hits theaters August 7th— in a recent E! interview, bugged Flynn hard about a possible Gone Girl sequel.

“Come on,” Theron begged in the interview. “You have to.”

“I don’t know if I can go back to the Dunnes quite yet—those diabolical Dunnes,” Flynn said at first, then conceding “I think about it every once in awhile . . . I do. It’s hard to shake sometimes.”

“I’ll get her drunk tonight and make her sign a contract,” Theron promised the world.

Then, last night, at the premiere of Dark Places, E! got Flynn to go into a little more detail re: what a Gone Girl sequel would look like were Flynn to undertake the challenge.

“I think we’d have to fast forward,” Flynn explained. “I think we’d have to go hit the teen years with [the] child, the Baby Dunne, and see where they are.” She warned us. “If [director David Fincher] signs back on and the cast is willing again, I would go totally back in that world,” Flynn said. “It’s not an easy world to go back into.”

Be still our dark, twisty mystery-thriller loving hearts! Obviously Flynn has done enough for the readers of Earth by giving us the wonder of the world that is Gone Girl. That said, can you imagine what a sequel featuring the teenage daughter of NICK AND AMY DUNNE would look like??? We’re just going to let our dreams carry us away and hope/pretend that Flynn is already deep into scribing the sequel and that one day soon we will all be lining up at bookstores to get our hands on the Gone Girl sequel of our dreams.

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