If you’ve ever wanted to play golf on a frozen lake, you’ll probably change your mind after watching this video

Going out in the snow can seem like a dream to some people (who doesn’t love having a good snowball fight or making the first snowman of the season?) But when it comes to other wintry endeavors — playing sports on a frozen lake, for example — that may not be such a good idea. And this video (hilariously) shows us why you probably shouldn’t play golf on a frozen lake, and you should maybe stick to other outdoor activities in the snow instead.

In a clip from December 18th, an unidentified man in Sweden is recorded trying to hit a golf ball on ice.

But instead, he ends up striking the ice itself, cracking it beneath his feet and sending him into the freezing water.

Talk about a golfing fail!


Fortunately, the golfer was able to escape any serious harm, but he’s incredibly lucky. Nevertheless, it’s probably best to keep the winter antics off of the ice this winter — especially ice golfing. You don’t want to end up like this guy.