GoldieBlox’s new action figure is exactly what we’ve been waiting for

We love companies that embrace and embody feminism, reminding us all how amazing it is to be girls and women. GoldieBlox isn’t new to this ideology, having launched a Kickstarter campaign in September 2012 and since become well-known for creating engineering toys marketed specifically toward girls. We’re huge fans. Since its inception, GoldieBlox products have become available in stores such as Toys “R” Us and Amazon, as well as over 6,000 other retailers around the globe.

And now, the company has become even more awesome by introducing a new action figure: Ruby Rails. A friend of the brand’s main character, Goldie, Ruby has appeared in past commercials, but this is her action-figure debut. And it’s clear she is a full-fledged hero.

“The most iconic action heroes are almost always men,” GoldieBlox creator Debbie Sterling told TIME of the new action figure. “Boys grow up with superheroes, and girls grow up with damsels in distress who are saved by those superheroes. Those stereotypes become how kids identify with their own gender.”

Sterling’s mission with GoldieBlox has been to bring attention to female representation and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). As such, Ruby’s accessories include a laptop (for coding, natch – her name is a play on the web-application framework Ruby on Rails) and a parachute, for kids to construct. Because FYI, Ruby is equipped to skydive at a moment’s notice.

If you’re not won over yet (which…how?), the commercial for the badass new action figure — not a doll, as TIME makes sure to point out! — invokes the spirit of such male-lead-powered films as Back to the Future, The Matrix, Rocky, and the James Bond series. In it, Ruby reenacts all the heroes’ pivotal scenes while the iconic “Holding out for a Hero” plays in the background, and facts about how women – particularly, women of color – are intensely underrepresented in popular films flash across the screen.

Notably, Ruby Rails is a hero who is not only a woman, but a woman of color. “It’s really important to me to show diversity in the GoldieBlox characters because I want every kid to be able to look at GoldieBlox and see themselves,” Sterling added.

Check out the full commercial below and try to resist the urge to play it on repeat and jam along uncontrollably in your office. Um, there’s still time to add stuff to my Christmas list, right?

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