Watching Goldie Hawn play “Never Have I Ever” is proof that she is a national treasure

Oh, Goldie Hawn, you never disappoint!

The Snatched actress made a hysterical appearance with co-star Amy Schumer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and as you might imagine, things took a turn for the racy pretty quickly. Because when Ellen challenges you to a game of “Never Have I Ever,” there’s no playing it safe or keeping quiet!

The lovable talk show host handed Goldie and Amy paddles to reveal whether they “had” or “hadn’t” to a few scandalous questions. And if you know Goldie Hawn at all, you know the iconic bombshell was totally truthful when it came time to fess up…blaming mostly Kurt Russel for her funny faux pas moments!

When prompted with “never have I ever taken a naked selfie,” both Goldie and Amy held up their “I have” signs.

“Wait a minute, Kurt took it. I didn’t do a selfie,” the actress laughingly admitted after a little badgering, claiming that while it wasn’t a selfie, she definitely “was naked.”


“I was being funny,” she quipped. “It wasn’t like that sexy weird picture. I was pretending that I was a strong man.”

Oh lordy!

“Never have I ever danced on a table top for money” was the next question. And go figure, Goldie was the only one who had!

"Babe! I was a Go-go dancer on a table for $25 a night."

Both Amy and Ellen were like, wait, really?

Next up, Goldie confessed she’s never gotten a tattoo she’s regretted (although Amy had!), but she *did* own up to one more thing which she also blamed on Kurt: getting caught by the police having sex!

“I swear to God this sounds terrible but that was Kurt, too!” she said with a laugh. “Do I win?”

Oh Goldie, you sure as hell win in our books!

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