Here’s a goldfish “driving” its aquarium, because fish have places to go too, ya know

The life of a pet fish appears to be rather mundane. They’re confined to the same space while looking at the same surroundings every single day — except for this goldfish that drives its aquarium around and switches locations whenever it damn well pleases, thankyouverymuch.

Yep, we totally thought this was some made-up stuff, too, but this cruisin’ fish tank is all too real. If you’re in the market for a low-commitment pet goldfish, we’d say this mobile, fish-steered aquarium-turned-cart is the way to go.

From Geekologie:

"The fish's location in the tank in relation to the middle determines the car's direction and speed (i.e. being at the very front end of the tank is full speed ahead)."

So, it sounds like there’s no threat of high-speed fish chases, sharp turns or any other forms of fish driving-debauchery, but still you have to see this contraption to believe it.

As the site points out, this isn’t the first example of a fish car. In 2014, several outlets reported on a mobile aquarium that lets goldfish “drive” it around.

Just because we’ve seen this idea before doesn’t mean this version is any less intriguing. Not only does it show that people aren’t the only ones who benefit from technology, it’s also quite heartwarming seeing how much people care about their goldfish.

To the owner who made a flotation device for a differently-abled pet goldfish, the woman who paid for an expensive surgery to save her $12 goldfish, and finally, to the people who invented this rad ass mobile aquarium, we raise our (fish tank) glasses to you out of sheer admiration, appreciation, and respect.