We can’t stop staring at these otherworldly goldfish bags

Look, I already have a bag that looks like a fish. It’s a great fish bag. But if you’re an underwater creature-obsessee like me, Atelier Iwakiri’s goldfish bags are going to blow your mind:


Not a leather fan? They also have this style, which comes in red, black, or dark blue, in velour:


According to BoingBoing, the Japanese studio makes all of these wild bags by hand, meaning that you could wait as long as three months between your bag order and your delivery. And naturally, these gorgeous giant goldfish don’t come cheap: A large goldfish will set you back over $1,000; a smaller goldfish costs $667.

But if you’re looking for a funky, permanent addition to your bag family, we can’t think of anything more arresting. And if fish aren’t quite your thing, check out the chameleon bag ($571)…


…this terrifying/cute frog bag (crossbody, $332)…


…or this adorable turtle backpack ($581), which makes you look like you belong with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crew.


Check out all the designs on Atelier Iwakiri’s website. Hey, it’s not too early to start asking around for holiday gifts, right?

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