This golden retriever singing opera is exactly what we need to see and hear

Let’s be real, it’s been a long week for all of us for all sorts of reasons. Do we want to get into them? No, not really.

Do we want to watch a video of a golden retriever singing opera? Yes, please.

Meet Oscar, the golden retriever. Oscar is a dog and a talented opera singer, here to fulfill all your dog-opera related needs. (And we at HelloGiggles have way more of those than you would think!)


According to Uproxx, Oscar loves to sing along to this particular part of singer Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer.” His owner Michael Baker gives us a little context (not like we need any, but sure):

“My dog Oscar always howls when my mom plays this part of 'The Prayer' on the piano so we decided to catch him on video. He only howls during this part of the song, and so far it has only worked for this song. I thought I would share with the world because my family thinks it’s hilarious.

The video is of course certifiably adorable, with Oscar giving an oddly serious accompaniment to the song. It as cute as it is weirdly mournful, but we are here for it! Oscar is kind of all of us when you think about it, just trying to give our best, most serious performance, but somehow making it goofy and adorable in the process.

All we can say is thank you so much, Michael! We seriously needed Oscar’s vocal stylings in our lives!

Check out the crazy cute video below: