Just a golden retriever buying ice cream from the ice cream truck

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Emphasis on ALL. Because now even dogs are channeling their inner Bridget Jones and noshing on our fave frozen treat. Most notably Zack the Golden Retriever, a dog from England who loves ice cream so much that he buys it from his neighborhood ice cream truck all by himself. (Like a boss.)

You have to see it to believe it, and you can in a super adorbs video on YouTube. The minute the ice cream truck backs down his street, Zack spots it. His tail wags into overdrive and he somehow waits patiently for his pet-parent to give him his allowance (50 pence) in a little tupperware box. Then he grabs the box with his teeth and bounds straight for the ice cream man,

John, who doesn’t seem at all surprised that his customer has four legs and a tail. It’s like he sells ice cream to dogs every day or something, which we’re guessing he does. (At least in Zack’s hood.) John fills the little tupperware container with soft serve (yum!) and hands it back to Zack.

Zack seems a little reluctant to leave the ice cream truck. His owner has to call him back to the house a few times as he gazes longingly at John. Or perhaps his heart eyes are for the soft serve machine. We feel you, Zack. I get that same look on my face in the Ben & Jerry’s aisle of the supermarket. I’m just not sure I pull it off as adorably as you do.

[Image and video via YouTube.]


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