Tammy the golden retriever and Stormy the lamb are besties, because love

Here at HelloGiggles, we’re all about besties. We’re also all about adorable animals and stories that make us feel all the feels. So what could possibly be better than this sweet story about a golden retriever and a baby lamb who are showing each other ALL the love?!

The cuteness began a week ago on a small farm in Canada.

It was a dark and stormy night . . . (really, it was) . . . when the baby lamb came into the world. Sadly, after birth she was rejected by her mother. But Cathy Fleury, owner of the farm and lamb-rescuer queen, came to the little lamb’s aid. She also went ahead and named the tiny animal Stormy. Awwww!

Meanwhile on the farm, Cathy has a golden retriever named Tammy. Well, as luck would have it, Tammy and Stormy met and became fast friends. In fact, Tammy has decided to stick around and be the adoptive mama, and full-time bestie, to our baby lamb friend.

Fleury loves the companionship burgeoning on her farmyard and told her local news station, “I was outside working all day, and I’d turn around and they’d be under a tree sleeping, or just hanging out. They actually crawled up on the porch once and they were sleeping up there.”

Like any good bestie/mama, Tammy keeps close watch over Stormy. According to Fleury, “Even though Tammy’s never had a litter, she’s still mothering this little lamb.” Way to go, Tammy!

The two cuties don’t spend all their time napping. They like to run around and play chase and generally look all kinds of adorable. Check them out in the video below.

Side note: Is it just me, or does Stormy seem surprisingly agile for a one-week-old lamb??

Images and video via here.