Jimmy Fallon did the best “La La Land” spoof to open up 2017 Golden Globes

Hope everyone has seen La La Land by now! Because Jimmy Fallon just opened the Golden Globes with the best La La Land-esque spoof — but don’t worry, it’s hilarious even if you haven’t seen the movie by now (but considering how much everyone, not just those in IRL La La Land, love the movie, you should go see it).

Using the same shtick as the very first song in La La Land, we see Jimmy and a whole lot of of favorite celebrities stuck in traffic, waiting to get to the Globes. That’s when the music kicks in, and suddenly everyone is on their feet, dancing in the streets and dancing on cars. There’s a whole slew of famous faces that dance on by, from Nicole Kidman to Amy Adams and her Arrival space suit, Sarah Paulson and Sterling K. Brown. Dolores is even there!


So is Barb (very much alive) and Kit Harington (very much alive).

The La La Land spoof continues, as Jimmy Fallon stars tickling the ivory, for a very happy Ryan Gosling and that’s when she walks in Tina Fey Justin Timberlake. It’s love at first sight.

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It was a perfect way to kick off the big night, because who doesn’t want more singing and dancing musical numbers in life? We’ll update the post once the full video of the opening is live!