The best parts of the Golden Globes are the moments you didn’t see on the red carpet

As is always the case with awards shows, the 2017 Golden Globe Awards had plenty going on behind the scenes that the cameras didn’t catch. Of course, we’re still obsessing over certain on-screen moments, like Meryl Streep’s incredibly powerful speech and Emma Stone’s awkwardly endearing “hug fail” (aw!), but sometimes it’s much more fun to relive the moments we didn’t get to see during the three-hour telecast.

Thanks to social media, we can now feel like we got to live every hilarious, glamorous, and exciting moment just like a celeb…all from the comfort of our own couches. Just as celebrities love to post their cute couples’ selfies and bizarre getting ready rituals (lip masks, anyone?!), we love to see them. These are the best moments from the Golden Globes that weren’t shown on your TV screen.

Lily Collins got lost in a sea of couture.

Jessica Biel got a bit tipsy before noon.

Chris Hemsworth showed off his hot date in the car.

Ryan Reynolds was pumped to be seated between Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn.

Amy was equally psyched at her seating arrangement.

Meanwhile, Goldie took a snooze during hair and makeup (LOL!).

Emma Stone used a crazy-looking lip mask to prep her pucker.

And Drew Barrymore got her mask on, too.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave her skin some TLC as well.

She also showed us that it takes a village.

Kristen Bell shows us that she really did wake up like this.

Blake Lively sat back and enjoyed the process.

Zoe Saldana snapped a sweet couples’ selfie with her hubby.

Then she shared a gorgeous moment with Thandie Newton during the show.

Trevante Rhodes showed off his million-dollar smile.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. checked out his look.

John Legend met fellow legend Meryl Streep.

Mandy Moore got a hand from her friend, Minka Kelly.

Reese Witherspoon posed with part of the adorable Stranger Things cast.

And so did Anna Kendrick!

Anna also captured this adorable moment between Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams on the carpet.

Sterling K. Brown shared a dapper moment with his beautiful leading lady.

Amy Schumer gave her best winter formal pose with boyfriend, Ben Hanisch.

Priyanka Chopra ran into some issues due to the winter storm on the east coast.

Tracee Ellis Ross couldn’t contain her excitement (can you blame her?).

Jessica Chastain enjoyed a salad with friends.

While Sarah Jessica Parker demolished a burger and “a mountain of fries” post-show.

And Kerry Washington couldn’t wait to get home to her fur baby. Aww.

These behind-the-scenes moments seriously make us wish we were at the show. Sigh, maybe next year…right?

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