The ‘Golden Girls’ hair trend we’ve all been waiting for is finally here

We’ll take hair creativity in any form – especially when it involves Golden Girls, a killer smokey eye, and Paris Fashion Week.

While strutting down the Chloé, Leonard, and Sonia Rykiel runways, model Ari Westphal donned a distinctly familiar ‘do. Her thick black locks were tightly curled into a style that’s both beautifully poofy and elegantly classic. It’s safe to say that Miss Westphal added some variation to the catwalks that typically showcase sleek ponytails, straightened tresses, and bobby pin-filled updos. Above all, we can perfectly describe this hairdo in two words: Golden. Girls. (Can you feel the nostalgia taking over?)

That’s right – Westphal brought this beloved sitcom back in a fashionably big way. Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose would be so proud. And how could we forget about Sophia’s hairstylist Eduardo? He would probably cut this look out of a magazine and save it for inspiration.

We also have to mention that we love this hairstyle paired with a smokey eye. Between the model’s makeup and hair, she flawlessly fuses the past and the present. This combination of something old and something new has us perfecting our eyeshadow technique as we simultaneously ask the nearest person, “Do you think I can pull off this look?” (The answer is YES OF COURSE YOU CAN.)

If you’re seriously considering this style, but want to do some further investigating, definitely check out Ari Westphal’s Instagram. After scrolling through her photos for a few minutes, we just have to say: Ari rocks the Golden Girls look and we hope she never changes her hair.

Now, it’s time to work a Golden Girls marathon into our schedules.

[Images via Twitter, Giphy, Instagram]

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