All the important ‘Golden Girls’ items to buy on the show’s 30th anniversary

Three decades ago, a beautiful story about female friendship came into our lives. It’s crazy how time flies when we’ve got Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia by our side.

Today, September 14th, marks the 30th birthday of Golden Girls, and on this day in television history the show aired for the very first time. So tell us: Is there a better way to honor these ladies than by picking up some utterly fabulous GG merch?

We’re not merely talking about something like, a really cool shirt with the Golden Girls on it — even though an item like that is always welcome in our lives, (particularly if the shirt also has #SquadGoals written on it). The items we have our hearts set on offer more unique ways to show our Golden Girls love to the world. Turning to one of our favorite shopping sites, Etsy (duh), we scoured around for some Golden treasures and now we quite simply need them all.

Nail decals ($5.85)

Why just give yourself a boring manicure when you can put tiny little Golden Girl faces on your nails, too? Could these be more adorable?

A Golden Girls backpack ($68) 

Are you going back to school? Doesn’t matter. You NEED this backpack. You’ve never needed a backpack more in your life. It’s perfectly suitable for work, too, and will make you the coolest kid in the office (or riding on the subway). You’re bound to make tons of friends sporting this gal.

Mini Lego set ($100)

If you’re someone who’d much rather keep your Golden Girls love at home, how about a set of the gals as Legos? They are on the pricier side but, look at them. 

Paper replica of their house ($12.95)

Your little Lego Golden Girls are going to need to live somewhere. Thankfully, someone on the internet has created a paper dollhouse replica of their home . . . with some assembly required. You just need, “paper, scissors, a printer, ruler, glue and some cheesecake (optional).” There are also Easter eggs hidden inside for you to find!

Betty White prayer candle ($8.99) 

Rose can be our spirit animal in more ways than one.

A very special GG cross-stitch ($4) 

Are you handy with a needle and thread? Perfect. Time to prefect your craft with a downloadable Golden Girls cross-stitch pattern that you can then hang on your wall for all to admire.

Silver Sophia necklace ($140)

Admit that you’ve always wanted a Sophia pendant. Now, one can be yours (for $140, because it’s the real deal). This handmade sterling silver charm will proudly display your Sophia love for everyone to see. There are Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy pendants, too (and one for Stan, if you want that as well).

Lip balm ($16.50)

You’re not going to find this in stores. How about some GG chapstick for everyday use? The flavors are even catered to the girls: Sophia’s is “amaretto, zesty lemon, bergamot, and some spicy ginger, to liven things up even more,” while Blanche’s is “a blend of fruity peach, juicy raspberry, and a touch of floral lavender.”

Golden Girls VHS iPhone case ($18)

This is a double-whammy with retro feels. Can we interest you in a Golden Girls iPhone case? Things get better because it’s an iPhone case in the shape of an old VHS tape, something you would have needed back then to watch Golden Girls repeats in 1990.

Christmas tree topper ($31.78) 

The holidays are coming up. Have you ever thought about creating a Golden Girls themed holiday tree? Well, now you’re thinking about it, and it’s a great idea. Get the holidays really rolling with a beautiful, golden Golden Girls tree topper.

Confetti ($6) 

There’s no better surprise than throwing Golden Girls confetti up into the air — just be sure to pick it all back up, and then save it forever.

And all the Golden Girls jewelry (there’s a range!)

How about these colorful dangly earrings? Sometimes subtle little Golden Girls touches are the best.

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[All images via Etsy, NBC]

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