The kids from “The Golden Compass” are totally grown up and on new adventures

Get ready to feel kind of old, you guys. The kids from The Golden Compass no longer look like they did in the movie, because well, they’re no longer kids.

Since we’re sure you understand the concept of time, you probably totally get that the kids are all grown up.

It’s been almost a decade since the fantasy-adventure film based on the first novel in Philip Pullman’s trilogy was released in theaters. (Another thing: Americans know that novel as The Golden Compass. But in the UK and other countries, it’s Northern Lights.)  The kid actors went on their fair share of adventures in the film, but now, all these years later, they’re all busy with their real-life adventures.

Without further ado, here’s what they’re up to now:

Dakota Blue Richards (Lyra)


Richards is now 22 and lives in the UK. She has continued to act, with appearances on the TV series Skins and the films The Secret of Moonacre and The Fold. According to her Instagram page, she’s an artist and spends much of her time doing theater and helping underprivileged kids.  

Ben Walker (Roger)


Walker hasn’t acted since 2012. But you can see him in the “Dead Man Walking” episode of Torchwood and the short film “Still Falls The Rain.” We couldn’t find a recent picture of him, but we trust that he looks older than he did in The Golden Compass. 

Charlie Rowe (Billy Costa)


The 20-year-old starred as Peter Pan in Neverland, as Leo Roth in Red Band Society, and as a young Tommy in Never Let Me Go.

Steven Loton (Tony Costa)


According to Loton’s Twitter bio, he’s a “Writer, kind of, actor sometimes. Wrote for LA’s, Underground Voices, London’s BLANC Magazine and pubbed on Amazon.” To find out more about Loton, check out his personal website.

Feel old yet?

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