Our gold medal goes to this nice dude handing out free condoms at the Olympics

This year’s  Rio Olympics has been hectic AF, from the now-infamous green pool to nervousness about Zika to absurd amounts of body shaming and sexism. But one thing has gone beautifully right, and it’s actually the perfect mix of hilarity and just yes: this really nice dude handing out free condoms at the Olympics.


Yeah, you heard us right. Apparently it’s actually this guy’s job to make sure Olympians (and those just there to watch) have safer sex, and we literally couldn’t be more on board.

Our condom-toting Olympic hero:

The photo, posted by Rodger Sherman of SB Nation, features the kind-hearted dude who’s keeping our Olympians safe.

It’s actually so excellent, and so important. Whether you’re an Olympian (which, okay, we’re totally not, considering our best chance at reaching the Olympics is entering our cats) or not, practicing safe sex is *so* important, and so valuable. Unfortunately, many of us hardly even know about safer sex, no matter how sex posi we consider ourselves, because of our crappy sex education system.

Apparently, the condoms are much needed at the Olympics.

“It’s pretty intense,” an insider told E! News. “Some athletes wait until after their competition [to party] and then others have hookups between practices because they say sex actually helps them reach for the gold.” 

Whether it’s true or untrue that sex helps our fave Olympians bring home the gold, we’re just happy they’re doing so safely. And it’s all thanks to lovely condom-carriers like Eric. Thanks, Eric!


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