Gold leaf hair is the latest hair trend giving us major heart eyes

Holiday season can be such a drag when it comes to hair. After months of bunching it all up into a beanie or under a hoodie, you actually have to tease and comb and work your hair into something party-worthy. Headbands are easy, but honestly, after a few hours they lead to a headache and/or sore temples, and that’s just the worst.

That’s where this awesome hair trend comes in and revolutionizes the way you can do up your hair for the holidays —or really, any time.

You’ve heard of gold leaf, right? They’re those super fragile sheets of gold that you may or may not have used in an art project before, like trying to DIY your own version of a gold iPhone. Well, salons are now painting it into clients’ hair for a totally glimmer-y, shiny effect.

It’s such a cute and easy idea, espesh for the holiday season. It’s kind of like wearing a gold crown at all times, but a lil’ more subtle. And whether your hair is long, short, curly, straight, in-between… Gold leaf has you covered, literally. You can be as low-key or dramatic as you want with the product, strategically placing it on your part or painting it across multiple sections of hair.

Seventeen spoke with Australia-based hair salon the Fox and the Hair for directions on how to gild your own strands. They recommend using a paintbrush to paint mousse onto your hair.Afterward, carefully lay gold leaf on top of the mousse. Use your brush to pat it down, and then it set for a few minutes to harden.

Here’s what this glitzy looks like IRL:

It’s also pretty cost-efficient: 10 sheets of gold leaf cost about ten bucks at most craft stores. This is some serious hair bling that we can get behind.

(Images via Instagram)