This gold donut emoji cake is a work of art and we need it at our next party

Like a lot of people, we take our food *very seriously* over here. Food can actually be a work of art; have you seen some of the amazing dishes people come up with? Like, they look so good you don’t want to eat it but do anyways because, well, food?

That’s the case with this GORGEOUS gold donut emoji cake made by cake-baker extraordinaire Goodies By Dani. Not only is the cake downright beautiful, it also features some of our favorite little goodies, like lollipops and rainbow sprinkles.


And if you think that cake is pretty AF, wait til you see some of the other creations Dani comes up with!

OMG! How delicious does this look?!

This is literally what chocolate dreams are made of.

And if you're a unicorn and rainbow lover/Lisa Frank fan, this one is definitely for you!

This one's perfect for a brunch party OR New Year's!

OKAY, WHAT?! This is incredible!

We have a sugar high just from looking at this and we LOVE it!

Amazing! We need ALL of these at our next party!