How going to the movie theater is going to change forever — thanks to the brains behind Netflix

Going to the movies can often be a drag. Between high ticket prices and the cost of snacks (why is popcorn like a MILLION dollars?) it’s a luxury that a lot of us have trouble affording. Sure, there are a few films we can’t wait to see, but if it doesn’t have a lot of visual effects, we might as well wait for it to come to Netflix and watch it at home.

Speaking of Netflix, one of its founders, Mitch Lowe, just joined on as CEO of a company that’s aiming to solve the movie theater problem. That company, called MoviePass, offers up a similar subscription plan — but with participating movie theaters, instead. Starting at just $30 per month (with the price varying based on your location) you can watch a 2D movie every day if you wanted to. Over 3,700 theaters are participating, and you can make sure yours accepts MoviePass before you even sign up. Lowe was also one of the brains behind Redbox, so obviously this guy knows how to sell movies. The company has actually been around since 2011, but needed some help to stay afloat, so this brand new pairing could mean great things for MoviePass, Lowe, and of course, fans of the movie theater experience.


Here’s how it works.

Five to seven days after you register, you’ll get a card in the mail. This card acts a lot like a debit card, and will be your “ticket” in a sense. Using the MoviePass app, you’ll select the movie that you want to see, and then present the card when you arrive at the ticketing booth to redeem entry. All you need is a smartphone in order to work the app.

There are a few drawbacks.

Currently, you can’t see 3D or IMAX movies at any theater that isn’t an AMC located in Boston and Denver. Also, the company only allows one seat to be reserved in a 24-hour period, which means that your friends will also have to sign up, or buy tickets as they regularly would. But who knows? With time, and Lowe backing up the company, the services will likely expand.

Sounds cool, right? The service is perfect for the summertime, when a lot of major films are released. (And when you need that movie theater mega A/C the most.) If you love going to the movies, MoviePass can totally be a game-changer.

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