Going home for the holidays as explained by Disney princesses

Though traveling during the holidays can be a pain in the you-know-what, the overpriced flights and airplane colds are all worth it once you reach your destination: home, sweet home. The only thing more wonderful (and okay, at times, awkward) than returning to your hometown is describing what it’s like to return to your hometown with the help of Disney princesses. Here are some of the many phases of going home for the holidays with a royal twist:

When you walk into your parents’ house, like “Ok, the party can start now! I have arrived!”

But before the festivities begin, you want to spend hours snuggling your family pet …

And sleeping in your childhood bed …

And hugging your mom.

Then you remember that the kitchen is full of free food.

You may or may not eat seven meals a day. But, like, free food!

Don’t even get me started on how incredible home-cooked meals taste.

On the rare occasion that you leave the house, you make sure you look your very best …

Because even a trip to CVS might mean running into your third grade teacher.

Luckily, seeing your friends from high school is always amazing.

Plus, you’ve been practicing your super nonchalant “fancy meeting you here” face, in case you run into your ex. 

Because reuniting with an old flame will either go like this …

Or, more likely, this.

It’s not as bad as when your uncle starts asking how your career is going.

“Are you dating anyone special?”

Then dinner conversation turns to the primary election. Half of your extended family really likes “that Trump fellow,” and there aren’t enough snowmen cookies in the world to make it OK.

But then you and your mom split a bottle or two of wine.

You get a little tipsy and your accent, which you could’ve sworn faded away during college, suddenly comes back tenfold. 

And you end the night by rummaging through your closet, amazed by all the stuff you left in your room. It’s like a treasure trove of Christmas presents from your past self.

Sure, being home for the holidays can be stressful, but when it’s time to leave, you feel a little sad.

But also very, very refreshed.

You know what they say: there’s no place like home for the holidays.

(Images via Disney.)

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