If you have trouble going to the bathroom at work, you’re not alone!

Pooping is a private event. It’s usually done most comfortably in the privacy of your own bathroom, with the door shut, and maybe even the faucet running — just to make sure no one can hear you (but not in California…there’s a drought, you guys). So when you have to poop at work in a restroom that OTHER PEOPLE YOU KNOW HAVE ACCESS TO…well…forget it.

Because let’s be serious, if you poop at work, you’re basically holding up a sign that reads, “I just pooped.” Or at least in your mind you are.


If you have anxiety about pooping at work, you’re absolutely not alone. According to a survey done by hygiene company Vectair Systems, a lot of other people also prefer to hold it if they’re not at home.

The company surveyed 59 adults in the U.S. and 103 in the U.K. about their poop behaviors, and 52 percent of people here and 56 percent of people abroad feel completely uncomfortable with pooping in public. And out of those people, women felt the most awkward.

The survey also found that the scariest places to go number two are at work, a friend’s house, restrooms where there is only one stall, and restaurants or bars.

In fact, a third of the adults surveyed in the U.S. and 41 percent of people surveyed in the UK straight up refuse to poop at work unless it’s an emergency!

The pool of people surveyed is pretty small, but hitting the bathroom in public seems to be a universal fear. Wanna know how we know? Because you totally have anxiety just thinking about it, don’t you? We definitely do.