GoFundMe just shut down this Powerball loser’s page — but the whole thing was a prank anyway

In case you somehow missed it, the country has been going through a lot of emotions this week, re: the Powerball. Over the weekend, when no one won the largest U.S. Powerball jackpot ever of $949.8 million, the prize swelled to $1.3 billion. And even though the chance of winning is kinda sorta ridiculously low, even people who don’t believe in the Powerball couldn’t help but buy a ticket, because guys, $1.3 billion.

Now, GoFundMe has shut down a crowdfunding plea started by Cinnamon Nicole, who allegedly spent all of her savings on Powerball tickets and, in an attempt to build back up her savings, was trying to rack up $100,000. Promising to shout out donators as her #WCW and #MCM, she wrote:

And she got an impressive amount of donations before the page was shut down — $810. Oh, and she got some pretty hilarious comments on her page, too. . . such as this one by Kenyatta Gibson:

Although many took this page seriously, a quick glance at Cinnamon’s Facebook page makes it obvious that the whole thing was a prank, with many of her friends commenting saying that the page was “hilarious” and that they “knew it was a joke.” However, that didn’t stop GoFundMe from shutting it down. “The campaign in question was removed for a violation of GoFundMe’s Terms & Conditions,” GoFundMe media director Kelsea Little told PIX11 in a statement.

Although we can’t help but giggle a bit at the ridiculousness of it all, it’s important to highlight that there are plenty of people on GoFundMe who genuinely are in real need, and perhaps we shouldn’t be using it as a source of entertainment. Then again, almost 7,000 people did raise over $55,000 on Kickstarter to help Zack Brown make potato salad, so there ya go.

(Image via GoFundMe.)

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