These goats jumping on a trampoline are living their best life

The world works in mysterious ways. Like, you know that thing where once you learn about something new you start to see it everywhere? (Personally I had this happen in the ’90s when my parents bought a Saturn, and I suddenly started seeing them everywhere.) Well, today is a Monday. Mondays, as we know from Garfield the cat and the Internet are hard days! But on this particular Monday we’ve been given the gift of this amazing goat video to enjoy. And, to tie this all to that whole Saturn thing, I swear I’m seeing more goats than normal on the Internet.

I love goats, I think they’re adorable and I always find them immediately at State Fairs. I also love trampolines and grew up visiting my grandparents in Nashville who had a HUGE trampoline in their enormous backyard.

But I never knew I needed to see goats ON a trampoline! Until today.

These six goats are having the time of their lives bouncing around on this trampoline and all I want to do in this world right now (besides share this joy with you) is GET ON THAT TRAMPOLINE WITH THEM.

I mean, seriously, how fun would that be? Do you think these goats always jump on this trampoline? Are they part of a gymnastics team? I have so many questions and these goats are giving, like, no answers, but just looking at this video is making me happier than a million unlikely animal friendships. Happy Monday, you guys. Goats are our new Monday mascot.

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[Image via YouTube]