So, goat yoga is apparently a real thing and we can’t seem to look away

At this point in time, does it really surprise you that somewhere in Oregon, people get to do yoga with goats? That state has the market on niche cool stuff cornered, and we are all just here to witness their ingenuity and creativity. Luckily for everyone, goat yoga originator Lainey Morse owns a farm in Corvallis, Oregon that houses goats. A lot of goats. How many? Enough that some are actually doing this.

Can you image it? Waking up to do some stretches and being accompanied by adorable goats? We here at HelloGiggles can’t wait to request this from friends and family as gifts. Unfortunately, there will be a wait. Clearly, having goats party with you as the sun comes up is a highly sought-after activity. With the low price tag of $10 a class, it’s no wonder you will need to sign up in advance.

While the idea is fun and enticing on its own, it does serve a purpose. Animal-assisted activities are known to be very therapeutic. Many studies point to animals being responsible for lowering blood pressure. So if you need a little chilling out session, this goat yoga class might just be the thing for you.

We’re also holding out until a puppy yoga class becomes a thing.

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