This adorable goat named Penny Lane has better adventures than we do, and it’s giving us major FOMO

Sometimes, you just need something super cute to boost your mood. And what better to do so than a goat?! Meet Penny Lane, a super-famous goat with more Instagram followers than most of us will ever have. With 79k people watching her every move, it’s really no surprise that her photos are #flawless. But the best part of every shot is that she looks so stinkin’ cute, and SO happy! She goes on so many super fun adventures, and it’s actually giving us some major FOMO. Oh, to be so at peace.

Sweetheart Penny the goat goes on lots of adorable adventures!

1. Like playing with the GoPro

2. Helping clean up the yard

3. Surfing (!!!)

4. Yoga with mom

5. Eating all the things

6. Cuddling the 'rents

7. More superb yoga

8. Exploring

9. And climbing

10. Making pals

11. And, of course, beach adventures