#Goals: This entire house in Finland is covered in bright pink crochet

When you think of home décor, there’s a typical assumption that it means adorning and arranging the interior of your home with trinkets, artwork, furniture and feng shui that reflect your personality. With artistic trends like #doortraits taking over the internet, clearly the definition of home décor doesn’t exclude the exterior of your home. Case in point: this two-story house in Finland that’s covered in bright pink crochet, aka, a dream living sitch for the world’s #1 Barbie fan.

Created by Polish NYC-based artist Olek, the 100-year-old home shows off her knack for covering all types of objects in crochet, including buildings, playground sculptures, vehicles and even people. Additionally, another home in Avesta, Sweden also received Olek’s bright pink crochet treatment.

Behold what is easily one of the most lit houses in the entire world:



According to This is Colossal, Olek explained the sentiment behind this dazzling piece of artwork and what its bold color represents:

We appreciate Olek using her artistic talents to spread such a beautiful message. Check out of more behind-the-scenes photos and video of her pink crochet house on Instagram.

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