Go Analog and Celebrate Film Photography Day

Whether you have a true analog heart and shoot with film every day or haven’t picked up an analog camera since the dawn of the millennium, Lomography wants you to join them for Film Photography Day! They’re calling everyone around the world to host their own Meetups on Friday, April 12, 2013. There’s nothing like loading a fresh roll of film into the analog camera of your choice and actually waiting a bit to see what you get. Indulge in the surprise and delight of film and keep the slogan true—the future is analog!

HOST YOUR OWN MEETUP Show off your analog skills or learn some new tricks in a Meetup group. You can join the crazy parties in the Lomography Gallery Stores on April 12 or create your own and invite all your friends to share your passion for film. Be sure to list your event at www.meetup.com/lomography and download our free Meetup Kit to get your creative juices flowing for a fun time! Develop your film in funky ingredients (coffee grinds to start!), teach a class to kids or host a photo walk around your neighborhood!

ANALOG PERKS To ensure Film Photography Day meetups around the world go viral, we’re throwing in some analog incentives. Get 30 people or more to join your group, and you’ll get one 110 camera and a pack of 110 film, plus some buttons and stationery for your fellow analog comrades. Craving even more analog in your life? Film Photography Day is just one part of our worldwide Analog Month—check out the microsite to learn how to fully embrace an analog lifestyle.

Main image by Duane Fernandez. Other images from Lomography.