Now Gmail will respond to emails *for* you, because the future is now

Tired of all that hitting reply and typing out responses to the emails you get? Good news! Gmail is going to start doing it FOR you, with their new Smart Reply feature. Life just got even more fantastic.

The new feature is awesome and a little bit frightening, just like any futuristic, computer-based experience. On their blog, Gmail Software Engineer Bálint Miklós explains that there’s “actually a lot going on behind the scenes to make Smart Reply work.” What it does is suggest three replies to emails, giving you the full text on simple responses and helping you get started with more complex emails.

Basically, it sounds a lot like the AI in Her: it reads your emails, starts to learn about you and analyzes for emails that require a response. Then it prompts you to reply with basic text. No word yet on when you can start to expect love letters from your inbox itself, but that’s obviously the next step.

At any rate, this is great for those irritating work emails over the holidays, RSVP situations and random “holiday greetings!” emails from people with whom you don’t actually converse regularly but don’t want to rudely ignore. Use it for the time, and let Gmail help you to help yourself.

Just…keep an eye out for love letters.

(Image via Shutterstock)