Going totally gluten-free might actually harm your health, according to study

There’s always a new health craze that crop up promising to be “the trick” to perfect your health. And while many of said trends actually do benefit your body in very real ways, often they’re laced with false promises that can actually hurt your body more than help it. And according to a recent study, one of those “diet trends” that could be screwing with your health is going totally gluten-free.

Yep, you read that right: Unless you have Celiac disease — meaning your body physically cannot break down gluten — then going completely grain-free might not be the best course of action.

In a study conducted by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, going gluten-free meant giving up many of the cardiovascular-healthy nutrients found in whole grains. As in, eating the right amounts of *whole-grain* pasta and bread may actually reduce your risk of heart problems.

Okay, if that’s not a reason to go splurge on a whole-grain baguette and some butter, then we don’t know what is!

The study, published in BMJ, carefully data collected from 64,714 women and 45,303 men over the course of 26 years before arriving at their findings.

"Long term dietary intake of gluten was not associated with risk of coronary heart disease," the researchers wrote in their conclusion. "However, the avoidance of gluten may result in reduced consumption of beneficial whole grains, which may affect cardiovascular risk. The promotion of gluten-free diets among people without Celiac disease should not be encouraged."

But before we get ahead of ourselves and indulge in some good, old-fashioned bread, remember that these results are observational, meaning that more controlled research is necessary to prove any sort of verifiable causation.

In the meantime, it’s probably best to stick with the age-old mantra, “all things in moderation.” Because while limiting your intake of glutinous starches can do great things for your overall health, it’s hardly worth it to risk heart problems as a result. Now excuse us while we go snack on some whole-grain bread…

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