The ladies of “GLOW” explain exactly why being surrounded by strong female characters is *the best*

When you binge-watch GLOW this weekend — and listen, you’re going to want to binge-watch GLOW this weekend — you might notice something beautiful: There are so many strong female characters in the show, and it is maybe the most glorious thing ever.

The show’s executive producers are Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann — both from Orange Is the New Black, Netflix’s flagship all-ladies show — and was created by OTINB alums Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive, formerly of Homeland. Taking a page out of OITNB’s book, GLOW‘s main character is a female, the supporting characters are all females, the ladies support and care for one another, and they talk about things not related to romantic relationships. When it’s time for guys to step into the picture, they do, but they don’t steal the limelight (or maybe Bash does, up for debate).

In a time when we desperately need more empowered females on television, GLOW delivers — and then the ladies just happen to wrestle one another, which honestly, is simply an added bonus.

HelloGiggles caught up with the cast on the red pink carpet at the show’s Los Angeles premiere, and, FYI, every single one of these women are absolute delights. We asked everyone the same question: Just how great was it to get the chance to work with so many strong females portraying strong female characters? 

Syndell Noel, Cherry Bang:

"It was great because I myself, I am a strong female character, so to have us all as one and be strong, and not be intimidated by what we're about to do, or by each other, was amazing."

Rebekka Johnson, Dawn:

"It was incredible. It was like the most amazing feminist slumber party that you could possibly imagine. Like imagine hanging out with your girlfriends in pajamas, but really workout clothes, and just slamming each other on the ground talking about fucking spraying Summer's Eve douche because we put our crotch in each other's faces and it was just incredible. We were so supportive of each other. Bonding through wrestling, I recommend it for any group of women."

Marianna Palka, Reggie:

"It was the dream of my life. It was so beautiful. It's like being in heaven, but inside of heaven in heaven. You don't realize you want to be inside heaven in heaven, but you actually do. It's the happiest place you can possibly be."

Kimmy Gatewood, Stacey:

"Well my favorite part about being in GLOW was the fact that we all had to learn something new together as a team. So it was an instant bonding moment. Nobody knew how to wrestle...and we had to immediately just get butts in faces, vaginas in faces, ask each other if we were shaved enough. I mean, it will bond you and there is no modesty whatsoever."

Kate Nash, Rhonda:

"It's the best dream come true. It's the dream job I didn't know was my dream job. I would always love to be surrounded by women, but in a wrestling ring I had no idea that that's where the perfect setting would be. They're just amazing. I love them all so much. They genuinely excite me and make me feel so emotional and happy and safe and supported and like a badass."

Brittany Young, Carmen:

"My favorite part was really watching these women work. We have so many different personalities, so many different talents on our show, just to sit there and sometimes take a step back and just be a part of the scene was so fantastic. These ladies are my sisters and to watch them grow from the first day of training to the last day of shooting was just fantastic to watch."

Britt Baron, Justine:

"It was great. It was like such a dream come true because we all ended up being best friends. I mean, we're like all similar ages and it was a lot of [having fun] on set...a lot of yelling, a lot of shrieking and dancing, and singing. It was like a dream come true because it didn't really feel like work. I feel like a lot of actors say that but it felt like a slumber party on set every day. Like that is how I would describe the feeling of being around all of them."

And sure, let’s hear what the guys of GLOW have to say:

Chris Lowell, Bash:

"It feels like working on any other show except that, I don't know, I like it more. I love it. I've worked on a lot of 'good ole boy' shows where it's very male centric and I typically don't enjoy that environment very much. And I loved every minute of [being on this] job. I don't think I was ever overwhelmed by the fact that there were strong females around me. I maybe was overwhelmed by the amount of energy that was brought to set every day. But, I loved it, I basked in it, I thought it was amazing and they're all so amazing."

Bashir Salahuddin, Keith:

"It was a nice fresh breath of fresh air. I said fresh twice because it was that nice to be a part of it. Actually my character ended up kind of doing some refereeing halfway through the season. And so I actually got to be front row center because a lot of the show was certainly not just outside of the ring. [The ladies] have drama and things you have to work out in the ring. A lot of the best comedy happens in the ring. So my character, I was able to really just sit there as a fan at these actors...and all these wonderful, wonderful people and just enjoy their comedy. So I was very lucky. It's a good gig if you can get it, let me tell you."