“Glow” star Betty Gilpin says that the show helped her redefine what being a “strong woman” means

If you’ve watched or been watching Netflix’s latest hit show Glow, then you’ll know that it’s all about badass women exerting their power and expressing themselves. In fact, for Betty Gilpin, Glow informed her thoughts about being a strong woman, and we get why.

If you’re not aware, Glow focuses on the highs and lows of an all-female wrestling troupe in the 1980s. Whether it’s Chris Lowell and his ’80s blazers, or the body positive posters, this show is pretty rad, and it seems that the cast agrees too. Speaking to HelloGiggles at the premiere of the show, the cast shared how being empowered female characters was actually the best. false

Now, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Betty Gilpin (who plays Debbie on the show) has shared how working on Glow helped her realize what being a strong woman meant.

The actor, who also starred in the Starz fantasy drama American Gods, said that working on the show shifted her perception of what strength as a woman was about.

“If I’m brought the wrong order at a restaurant, I don’t send it back because I don’t want the waiter to get mad at me,” she said. “I fill my business emails with smiley faces and question marks so that I don’t sound too severe. And I have a very disorganized purse. So I had this myth in my mind that a ‘strong woman’ is one kind of organized alpha personality.”

Continuing, Gilpin said that her opinion soon changed.

"For me, this year — with the help of Glow and the election — has been about finding my version of what a strong woman is. As me, as I am today, without having to change my personality," she explained. "And that has so much to do with being around women who have other qualities and what strength I can outsource from them that I may be lacking in myself."

In fact, the actor said that working on Glow was like “a human centipede of female strength,” which, while maybe not the most pleasant of metaphors, has strong symbolism behind it.

We love that through working with other talented and powerful women, Gilpin has been able to understand her strength as a woman. Hopefully we’ll have more Glow and shows like Glow in the future.

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