Alison Brie says “GLOW” Season 2 will bring out the competitive side in its badass ladies

The women of Netflix’s GLOW had their ups and downs during Season 1, sure. The badass female wrestlers fought with each other (in and out of the ring) and loved one another. And from what Alison Brie — who plays Ruth in the Netflix dramedy — has to say, we can expect a lot more of the, well, fighting in Season 2.

Because, the ladies of GLOW will be *extra* competitive this go around.

Guess we haven’t seen anything yet.

"We're in the middle of shooting the second season right now," Brie told HelloGiggles of how the season is going. "I'm not sure how it's all going to play out, but I can say that this season is much more about the filming of the show. "Last season, it was all about training and building up to shooting the pilot. Season 2 is now about being in production and shooting GLOW, this women's wrestling extravaganza."

With that intensity put on production comes a new element: “A new aspect to this season that is sort of the polar opposite of last season is that we start to see some competitive aspects coming into the women’s lives in respect to each other,” Brie explained. “Now they’re having to compete for air time, whose matches are going to be the best on the show, things like that. So it is sort of a new thing that we’re playing with.”

Now, we know what you might be thinking: Do we really want the women to, in a way, turn against each other? Aren’t they stronger together? Don’t we want them to support each other? Brie admits that she had some reservations about moving (somewhat) away from the female camaraderie of Season 1. Like, honestly, we’re still feeling inspired from the finale, when Ruth and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) put aside their differences to put on a kick-ass match. So, why mess with that?

Well, ultimately, Brie feels this new element adds another, worthwhile dimension to the story.

And don’t worry! She reassures that there’s still *lots* of love going around on set, if not onscreen as much.

"At first I was like, 'Oh no. I don't want the women to get competitive with each other.' But it's actually a really fun thing to explore. I think character wise, and outside of shooting, it's still the loveliest camaraderie. We're all having a great time and I love all of these women so much. It's nice, but it's staying in the fictional world."

Okay, okay, we see where she’s coming from.

Netflix renewed GLOW for Season 2 in August. No release date has been set yet, but we’ll be glued to our screens literally whenever it returns — and Brie is only adding fuel to our streaming fire.

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