The ladies of Glow do “cuddle puddles” — which is a combination of hugging and crying, and it sounds great

If you think watching Glow is an enjoyable past time, imagine actually being on the show and hanging out with these fierce ladies of wrestling. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere of Netflix’s best ’80s throw down, HelloGiggles sat down with the cast — Alison Brie, Marc Maron, Britney Young, Sydell Noel, and Jackie Tohn — and learned that yes, the raw emotion and love that you see on your screen is real. These ladies love each other so much it overflows into everything they do — and that includes crying in the fetal position on the floor of the ring.

All three ladies admit that with Season 2, they’re more in-tune with their characters and their strength, both physically and emotionally.

“We get to be strong and powerful women on the show, and then physically beach each other up,” Tohn said during a Netflix press day. “As a theater dork my whole life, I’m like ‘I can body slam someone, what do you mean?’”

Discovering this was something exciting for each of them, and also led to some unexpected moments of realization. And also something Tohn refers to as a “cuddle puddle,” which is actually exactly what it sounds like. Cuddling and crying.

“After I body slammed someone for the first time in training, because I thought for sure I couldn’t do it, I was scared but I did it and I had this animalistic [response] like ‘Yeah!’ And then I started to weep in the fetal position and all the girls crowded around me,” she said. “It was a cuddle puddle.”

So now imagine accomplishing something you think was out of your reach, cheering for yourself, and then crying. Scary, huh? Well, the ladies of Glow know that’s pretty intense, so they’re there for one another every single step of the way, both in the ring and in the stands.

“It’s almost like, you’re climbing, climbing, and then you reach that peak and you get over the hump that you doubted yourself form doing,” Noel added. “To have these girls on the side like ‘Yeah, you did that!’ there’s an overwhelming love. You can’t help yourself.”

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“We are like a sports team,” Brie explained in a separate interview. “We became this team, and so when we’re doing scenes [where] we’re wrestling everyone comes to watch and cheer each other. That bleeds over to scenes with pure dialogue. We finish the scene and all the girls are like ‘Whoo, good acting!’”

“I get very moved by their connection,” the lone male in this group, Maron, said. “When am I going to be around 14 women on set every day? When am I going to work with that? To actually see women doing things, like as a group. It was all very inspiration for me.”

The second (and obviously inspiring) season of Glow hits Netflix on June 29th.

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