This glow-in-the-dark beer has a ~unique~ ingredient to help it get that glow

Proving that we never outgrow our love for anything that glows in the dark (plus, why would we want to?), a former NASA biologist has put his talents to excellent use by creating a glow-in-the-dark beer DIY kit. Josiah Zayner recently launched a kit that home brewers will love — because it contains a unique ingredient that makes the craft beer glow.

How did Zayner find a way to make the final product glow bright green? A plasmid DNA from a jellyfish gene is added to the beer’s yeast, turning the beverage into a fluorescent green color.

The fluorescent yeast kit, which retails for $199, is a dream come true for home brewers who love to add a pop of color to their beer. After all, cocktails and martinis aren’t the only beautiful beverages.

In all, it’ll take about 10 hours of work over the course of two days before the beer is ready to drink — but we think the glowing final product is well worth the wait.

Zayner hopes the home brewing project will spark people’s interest in science and genetics.

“I figured that the genetic revolution would truly begin when consumers could create something tangible in their homes using genetic design, Zayner told Gizmodo. “Yeast was something I knew we could start working with.

Our interest in science just reached an all-time high. And, since it’s the season for green beverages, there’s no time like the present to get brewing!