People are sharing their 2012 and 2018 selfies to show how much they glo’d up, and these pics are giving us LIFE

Think back to 2012. Were you as fabulous then as you are now, or have you glo’d up? Over the past month, people on Twitter have been posting side-by-side selfies comparing what they look like now to what they looked like in 2012, and it’s safe to say a lot has definitely changed. So, what was your selfie game like six years ago?

The six year #GloUpChallenge is one of the latest viral photo challenges that’s taking over the internet. Basically, you compare photos of yourself to see just how much you’ve changed over the years. Just think, if you’re in your early twenties right now, you were probably still in high school six years ago. If you considered high school to be your awkward years, it can make for a pretty great #GloUpChallenge photo.

While some users tweeted about being grateful for having good genes and that puberty is long gone, others were more thankful for the internal growth they’ve had over the years. As one person tweeted, “My #GloUpChallenge is not the way I differently look, but the way I differently think and how much I’ve worked hard to achieve what I want. This has been so difficult, yet I’m more confident today.”

From changing hairstyles to sometimes completely unrecognizable transformations, here are some fun selfies from the #GloUpChallenge you should see:


“Who am I even?” is a question I’m sure many of us are probably asking ourselves right now.


Aww…everyone is all glo’d up — for the most part anyway.

You never really realize how much you change over the years until a challenge like this proves it!