Glossier’s First-Ever Limited Edition Balm Dotcom is Here, and You’ll Want to Get it Now

Wild Fig has a deep coral tint and a sweet, fruity scent.

We can all agree that lip balms become our MVPs once temperatures start to drop and our lips start to chap. But what’s even better? Tinted lip balms, of course. They have all the benefits of a nourishing lip treatment while also giving us a sheer, natural-looking tint that makes us look a little more alive. One of our all-time favorites has to be Glossier’s Balm Dotcom, which is why we’re so pumped that the brand just released its first-ever limited-edition: Wild Fig Balm Dotcom.

This product has the same nourishing formula as the other Balm Dotcoms, but it deposits a deep coral tint that looks like the inside of a ripe fig. Additionally, it has a sweet, fruity scent that will help you extend your summer dreams well into the winter, even if only through its yummy aroma.

glossier balm dotcom wild figglossier balm dotcom wild fig

Glossier Balm Dotcom

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Currently, Glossier offers nine Balm Dotcoms, including Original (its hero product that doubles as a skin salve), Birthday (which smells like birthday cake), Mint (the perfect A.M. pick-me-up), and Cherry (the ultimate flirty tinted lip balm). However, unlike the other versions of this cult-favorite product, Wild Fig is in season for a limited time only.

Each Balm Dotcom costs $12, but if you want to try out a few of Glossier’s lip balms (including Wild Fig, of course), you can purchase a trio for $30 and save $6.

glossier balm dotcomglossier balm dotcom

Glossier Balm Dotcom Trio

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Wild Fig deposits a sheer tint that’s universally flattering, and if you want, you can even dab a bit onto your cheeks for a dewy cheek tint. It’s packed with antioxidants, castor seed oil, lanolin, and natural emollients that work to seal in moisture and nourish the skin, which is perfect for the winter. In our opinion, Balm Dotcoms are basically like Pokémon cards—you gotta catch ’em all, so you better hurry up and buy Wild Fig while supplies last.

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