We put the Glossier Skywash eyeshadows to the test, and these are our honest thoughts

Once Glossier Skywash eyeshadows officially launched on February 25th, the HelloGiggles staff knew we immediately wanted to try them out. After all, we are huge fans of the brand and are always on the lookout for Glossier sales. The new eyeshadows come in seven tones, from subtle brown to neon green, and are described as matte sheer lid tints that have a buildable formula so you can customize your eye look. Honestly, each shade is beautiful, so when deciding what color you want, it’s easy to find one you like. However, it’s always a little tricky to shop for yourself without actually trying on or feeling the product—so that’s where we come in. We tested the Glossier Skywash eyeshadows and documented the experience so that you can get honest reviews before spending your hard earned-cash. And while some of us loved our looks, some of us weren’t crazy about Glossier’s newest launch. Here are our unfiltered thoughts:

Glossier Skywash in Valley, tested by Mackenzie Dunn


“The brand describes this tone as a “warm peach,” and though it looks a bit browner in the bottle, it comes out as a sheer, matte, orange tone that’s subtle and flattering—very on-brand for the easygoing Glossier girl. Since I tend to favor warmer, more neutral hues on my eyelids, this worked well for me. The liquid-to-powder formula is fast-drying and doesn’t leave my eyelids feeling stiff, or sticky, which some liquid shadows tend to do, but it definitely takes a bit of playing around with to get the desired pigment payoff. I applied it by swiping on a few lightweight layers onto my eyelid and then gently patting with my fingertips to blend it out.”

Glossier Skywash in Valley, $18, glossier.com

Glossier Skywash in Echo, tested by Jasmine Purdie


“I am not an eyeshadow wearer—I only pull out the eyeshadow for special occasions. Skywash was easy to apply, and it lasted all day. I like that it goes on wet and dries like a powder. My only complaint is that my eyelids felt a little dry by the middle of my day.”

Glossier Skywash in Echo, $18, glossier.com

Glossier Skywash in Lawn, tested by Morgan Noll


“I was conservative with the application at first, but the color actually goes on way lighter than expected. I had a little trouble building up the color without there being patches, but the formula is thin enough that it does allow for some imperfection without it being too noticeable. This shade will definitely be making an appearance at the Euphoria-themed birthday party I’m attending this weekend.”

Glossier Skywash in Lawn, $18, glossier.com

Glossier Skywash in Pool, tested by Kristin Magaldi


“As someone who loves experimenting with eyeshadow colors, and is a huge fan of Glossier’s skincare products, I was very excited to try the new liquid matte shadow. Unfortunately, I really can’t say I loved it. When applying without a primer, I noticed it goes on a bit patchy and takes several layers of shadow before it actually showed up on my skin tone. It’s also not very long-wearing—by mid-afternoon I noticed the shadow settling in the creases of my eyes and fading on my lids. I’d be willing to try it with a primer, but I’m not crazy about Skywash.”

Glossier Skywash in Pool, $18, glossier.com

Glossier Skywash in Terra, tested by Pia Velasco


“I love earthy colors, and this reddish shade stole my heart. I used my handy Urban Decay Primer Potion (made for eyeshadow)  to make sure my Glossier stayed put all day, then proceeded to apply a few layers. I originally only wanted to apply one or two layers, but found that the formula is so sheer that it was best to pile on about four to get my desired amount of pigment. It was pretty easy to use—I dabbed on a few dots then blended it out with the tips of my fingers. At the end of the day, the shade was still intact, and I got a ton of compliments.”

Glossier Skywash in Terra, $18, glossier.com

Glossier Skywash in Pebble, tested by Danielle Fox


“I feel like I don’t wear eyeshadow because I hate a ‘powdery’ look, so I’m a fan of this product being a buildable matte. It isn’t an eyeshadow you would use to build an involved lewk, per se, but it creates a fun pop of color. I used a primer with it, which I would definitely recommend.”

Glossier Skywash in Pebble, $18, glossier.com

Glossier Skywash in Palm, tested by Rachel Simon


“The eyeliner’s simple enough to use, but the color is so pale that it’s hard to see. It’s totally fine for a basic, everyday makeup look, but I’d probably go with a stronger color for a party or other special occasion where I want my eyeshadow to really pop.”

Glossier Skywash in Palm, $18, glossier.com

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