I’ve Been Using Glossier’s New Moisturizing Primer for a Month and Here’s What I Honestly Think

Glossier always launches its product at just the right time. Earlier this year, the brand launched Skywash, a pigmented eyeshadow that brought us color in the midst of winter. Then, it released Hand Cream right after the initial coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, just as our hands were getting dried up from so much washing. Now, it’s done it again. Enter: [tempo-ecommerce src=”https://www.glossier.com/products/priming-moisturizer-balance” title=”Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance” context=”body”].

The Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance is an oil-control gel cream primer that’s perfect for getting rid of the excess oil that tends to creep up on us in the hot summer months. It’s also great for people with oily, acne-prone skin who are looking for a primer that will hydrate their face, grip their makeup, and control excess shine. Additionally, it’s packed with skin-friendly ingredients like brightening niacinamide, hydrating glycerin and squalane, smoothing willow bark extract, and moisturizing apple fruit extract. It’s basically a skincare-makeup hybrid.

glossier priming moisturizer balance review

Shop it! $25, [tempo-ecommerce src=”https://www.glossier.com/products/priming-moisturizer-balance” title=”Glossier” context=”body”]

I’ve been using the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance for nearly a month, and my experience with it has been nothing short of pleasant. The formula comes out of the tube in a thick, gel-like texture and it instantly becomes transparent when rubbed in. At first, it looks very dewy and glowy, but once it dries, the effect is blurring and matte. It feels very velvety on the skin and my makeup goes on really smoothly. One of the main things I’ve noticed when using the primer is that my pores look a lot smaller (or gone, TBH) and my acne-prone skin looks a lot less oily. Even when I’m walking outside in what seems like a cloud of sweat and humidity, my face still feels great and my makeup stays intact.

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