Glossier is finally coming out with sunscreen, just in time for summer

In the few short years that Glossier has established itself as the reigning purveyor of the “no makeup” look, fans have been begging them to include sun protection in their growing collection. Today, we finally got word from CEO Emily Weiss that a Glossier sunscreen is headed our way this week! We can’t think of better news — or timing for that matter — seeing as summer is just around the river bend.

The Glossier team has been hard at work for two years finding the perfect formula for a sunscreen that won’t ruin your makeup or mess with your skin, and we fully trust them to have developed a product that will blow our minds and keep our skin safe.

Glossier Invisible Shield is a clear, serum sunscreen that will sit lightly on your skin, smells good, and won’t interfere with the application, look, or feel of your makeup.

This is perfect for those of us who have always begrudgingly worn sunblock and resented those white smudges, the greasy texture, and chemical smell.

And just because it’s light doesn’t mean it won’t be effective — it blocks UVA, UVB, free radical damage, and pollution. Emily has admitted to being very anti-sunscreen her whole life and she is absolutely smitten with the Glossier Invisible Shield. If there’s someone you can count on to make a good sun block, it’s a self-described sunscreen hater!

We will know more details later this week, and we can’t wait for a chance to get our hands on this new sunscreen serum. While there are already a few sunscreen serums out on the market, the majority of them are a bit pricier than we would prefer. As huge fans of Glossier, we are hopeful and excited that this top-notch serum will be available at a more affordable price point. Because we all deserve some really great sun protection, don’t you think?


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